Monday, September 5, 2011

Post-Europe Adventures aka Reality

I hope you all enjoyed the few pictures I put up of our amazing trip! Unfortunately after every vacation, there comes post-vacation (aka reality). Josh and I haven't been in reality for 2 months, so the transition was pretty brutal. Three days before we left for our travels, we moved into the basement of my sister and brother-in-laws house in Farmington. They themselves were moving in the morning that Josh and I were leaving for Europe. When we got back home, between the constant calls of family and friends wanting to see us, and the constant attention of our two nephews (Mac 2, Eli 9 mos), Josh and I were OVERWHELMED! Daily things such as laundry, unpacking, and picking up our cute new downstairs apartment seemed like a HUGE chore rather than a normal task. Jet-lag also gave us a taste of it's medicine. The Cooper's are known for sleeping in as long as they damn well please. But jet-lag made sure that didn't happen. Josh and I were up at 6 AM sharp every morning following the days of our return. Fortunately for us, we already had big plans for the weeks to come!

While we were in Scotland, I got to celebrate my 23 birthday on the 26th of June! For my birthday, my loving husband surprised me with tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls concert (This being both one of mine and Josh's favorite bands)! We also had planned our annual friend cabin trip to my family's cabin in the Uintah's! Of course the Goo Goo Dolls were AMAZING in concert and we got to share the experience with some of our closest friends (Brayden Jensen, Jason Hodson, & Jessica Thorpe). Directly after the concert, Jason, Joshua and myself met up with our cabin trip pals (Jonny Murdock, Tera Grant, & Maihi Fujita) and made our way up to the lush Uintah's! Of course the cabin is always a good time and this was one of the best! No drama or judgements, just a whole lot of dirty fun ;) Below are some pics to check out. I'm trying to do better on keeping up with the blog, so bare with me! :D

Cute friends
That Jason! HA HA HA!
We love to cuddle
Mmmm. I see you John Reznick!
The Coop's at their concert
I attempted to put pics up of the cabin 3 different times, and there is an error every time, so sorry. Maybe on FB.

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